Row 1

801 Allegheny Ave (Western Ave.)
Pittsburgh, PA 15233
(412) 322-6660
Fast Food
Mon–Sun: 24 Hours

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Foursquare Tips

  • There is nothing about this place that doesn't suck. It's skuzzy & 95% of the employees are ignorant.
  • This place ran out of McDoubles but still had regular burgers and cheeseburgers, now explain to me why they couldn't make a mcdouble?! Absolute idiots run this place.
  • Funny all the bad tips, was just there for lunch and everyone was really nice and it was quick enough...
  • Heres a tip fire everyone here.
  • No McDonalds has good service. But this is the worst of the worst. Rude, ignorant, confrontational. Even contacted corp about them, never heard back.
  • Sat 10 am drive thru 5 car wait. What happened to fast food
  • I agree!! Nice people!!
  • I didn't find this place scungy at all. The workers weren't exceptionally nice but weren't rude either. I would come back.
  • Everyone was beyond nice here. I've never had a more pleasant fast food experience.
  • So they gave our food to the people in front if us.... We drive up and they say $3.97 I say no hunny it's like $20. She argued with me and then finally when she got my order right it took 20 mins ughh
  • Orders a frappie and ice cream cone and it takes not even 3 mins to do and im sill standing here 5 mins later.....
  • The buns are old !
  • Lunchtime is a nightmare.