Row 1

139 E Dumplin Valley Rd (at Winfield Dunn Pkwy)
Kodak, TN 37764
(865) 933-8801

Foursquare Tips

  • During peak periods, DO NOT order fries! The line just cannot keep up.
  • Check your order carefully when going through the drive thru! They mess them up a lot and they can be quite rude about it.
  • Why do small-town McDonald's always taste so much better?
  • Slammed after Church on Sunday.....and be prepared to be stared at like you have 3 heads if you're not one of the locals. Weird vibe.
  • Like others have said, the service here is definitely on the slow side.
  • So slow. Avoid this McDonalds.
  • They don't sell the 1 gallon sweet tea anymore!
  • Also check your order at the counter. They messed up several while we were there. The food was not made with love either. They slapped it together.
  • .40 cents for tap water.
  • Dead bugs in bathroom...eww!
  • Def. Check your order from the drive thru...unwrap sandwiches. Mine was in the right wrapper, but was the wrong sandwich!
  • Open 24 hours Sat of Bristol spring weekend.
  • Caramel frappe is way too sweet!