Fast Food
705 Chaffee Rd S
Jacksonville, FL 32221
(904) 760-7325



  • 15 minutes for a single large frappe. Are you effing kidding me?
  • It's not fast food... It's Mickey D's. SO SLOW!
  • This place sucks nothing right paid for a combo only got the sandwich
  • Large frappes went up 10 cents.
  • Disgusting. Trash overflowing outside and inside. No one working. Someone who works there was able to skip in line with her and her kids to get a coffee. Wet floors. People walking around barefo
  • Very slow, rude employees and managers, food is cold and taste old, filthy on the inside.
  • Sunday nights are slow
  • This place use to be the worst seems to be better now. I use the drive thru tend to get better and faster service. If there is more than 1 person in line on the inside avoid it use the drive thru.
  • 10 minutes for 2 sandwiches/hash browns. Finally had to ask where our order was to which the manager replied "oh I called that". No you didn't. I was right there. Also: out of ketchup. What the hell.
  • Very slow service. Waited 20 minutes for our food. Though we did not mind because our kids could run around in the playground. Which is good on a long car trip. But service is slow
  • It appears they do A LOT of training at this location. You can order the same thing for 3 days and get 3 different experiences.
  • Service was good but ill be damn if everyone looked like they were all in PAIN! No smile, no hello, how are you, no nothing... WOW!
  • Not the best try at fast food, ever. I have to give them credit though, always busy here. Always. Not too many mess ups either, overall.
  • Worst McDonalds ever! Eat at Wendys if you wanna go quickly. The workers will even argue with you if you ask a question.
  • The drive through line is out of this world, forever!
  • If you are hungry.. Don't stop here! Go one more exit to Hardee's Service is bad, food is slow and cold and the workers are gross!
  • Speed was here today and food was hot. I wonder why? Hmmm
  • Slowest MickeyD's on tha planet! Don't stop if ur n a hurry!
  • 2 big Macs,missing a 2nd burger on both. Ordered fish no cheese, got cheesewas fried so hard i could not bite it , Friesnot cooked thru.managersaid grease was old thats y it was brown & hard
  • This is not even a McDonalds..

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