Row 1

400 E Waterfront Dr
Homestead, PA 15120
(412) 461-1002
Fast Food
Mon–Sun: 5:00 AM–11:00 PM

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Foursquare Tips

  • Slowest McDonald's on the planet. 2 screaming kids and 25 minutes of my life I'll never get back. Screw you, clown. You too, Grimmace. Never again.
  • Go inside dnt waste your time in the drive thru
  • No, the worst McDonald's is the one in Duquesne
  • Very polite southern lady workin the drive thru.
  • Don't bother ordering a milkshake. Their machine is always "down" or "overheated". 5 days in a row they tell me this. Also they couldn't care less about your order. $20 says they forget your straw.
  • Be prepared to wait at least 15 mins for your food.
  • don't go through the drive thru. just, don't.
  • This place we call Wacky Arnolds you get what they give you.
  • Quite possibly the worst McDonald's.. 12:12 and the frappe machine is off.. on a Friday.. will be calling the manager AGAIN....
  • They just don't care.
  • Definitely the SLOWEST McDonald's ever....
  • Quarter burger n cheese. Also the Big Mac. McDonalds always has had best French fries and milk shakes.
  • Quick and accurate... weird for McDonalds. Hope the others take notice
  • 2/12/14: just yelled at for ordering a milkshake in the drive thru. I guess I should have been psychic and known it wasn't working. If I had read all the tips here though I would have known better!!
  • Sssssllllllloooowwwwww
  • Don't eat here was in the bathroom and an employee did NOT wash his hands was reported to the manager.
  • Never has effing milkshakes!
  • Wow the milkshake machine has been down since 2011? Questionable.... Also kinda dirty here. Place seems a little understaffed and overwhelmed with problems. Hope things get better soon!
  • Worst McDonald's in the world. Most incompetent workers!!
  • This is the slowest McDonald's I've ever been to. There drive thru people suck be prepared to wait for ever!!!!