Fast Food, Breakfast, Restaurant
100 State Rd 7
West Palm Beach, FL 33414
(561) 795-7001


  • Drive-thru workers are rude as hell - this might be my last trip to this Mickey D's
  • Worst drive thru EVER!!!!!!
  • They suck at night. They never have meat and they claim to only take cash (so they can steal it). I employ over 120 employees, I would fire these guys in two seconds flat and replace them with better.
  • This place sucks I sware
  • if this hot guy was always here I'd prob come more...and order a side of him hahaha
  • They only take cash 90% of the time after 11pm. They are open 24 hours.
  • Not just this location...they use hand dryers from 1970's, not kidding, the original model I think. Technology is better..30+years
  • Worst service ever, and I didn't even get to buy anything!
  • The reason McDonald's takes cash only at night because it's mandatory by the company that the system gets shut down every night and reopened in the morning. Meaning the credit card machine is down.
  • Drive through is open again. They are still slow though
  • Service during construction is brutal.
  • It's under massive reconstruction but somehow they figured out how to make a drive thru.
  • Also, this is the last damn time I pick up food for someone else at this craphole. I don't even eat McDonalds!!
  • Drive thru workers are rude as hell and they don't listen. Had to repeat my order 4 times to the girl before she heard me. She might have actually heard me if she was paying attention.
  • I have never had a problem with them and i have been going to this one for years now
  • The playground here has a big slide and treehouse for kids to play on.
  • A change from the ordinary - this McDonald's has a 50s Diner theme, with bikes and jukebox-style tunes! Make sure to sign up for SMS specials at the register.

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