Row 1

1103 N Bell Blvd
Cedar Park, TX 78613
(512) 259-5770

Foursquare Tips

  • Nothing is good. Every time we try to give it another chance it's awful. Food always taste old.
  • This is a 24 hour lobby/drive-thru location, but be aware that you are paying for it! Many other locations are $.25-50 cheaper per item!
  • Don't even try to speak English inside. Spanish is the official language. You may need your passport too...
  • Dumbass Mexicans can't get an order correct ever. Screw them asking for 15$ hr. For that price you need to at least get the order right
  • The employee was rude to me. Told me he didn't have to get his manager and that I had no business asking for one.
  • This McDonalds has free AT&T Wi-Fi. Its easy to log on and stay connected while you dine.
  • They often charge & give you a large combo when you asked for a medium. So just order your things seperate.
  • This McDonalds has a really great indoor play place. I don't really get the ones with outdoor playgrounds in central Texas.