Fast Food, Breakfast, Restaurant
17921 E 9 Mile Rd (btwn Gratiot & Kelly)
Eastpointe, MI 48021
(586) 772-1311
4:00am - 3:45am
4:00am - 3:45am
4:00am - 3:45am
4:00am - 3:45am
4:00am - 3:45am
4:00am - 3:45am
4:00am - 3:45am



  • Been watching the service decline at this store for years now. Never coming back.
  • Had to repeat parts of my order four times to the girl taking my order in the drive through. Upon pulling up to pay I found out why. Using her cell phone right on the counter In front of the window.
  • Seriously slowest place ever! All I want is an iced tea!!
  • The astronaut looks like a really bad characature..
  • The girl behind the register has a serious attitude problem.
  • Didn't know it took Rocket science to read a screen an put orders in bags... Or make a frappe!!! I've never seen ppl act like zoo animals in my life!!! Fucking horrible
  • It's true, the employees here are... Less than stellar. BUT they are light years ahead of the empty-headed vessels that work at the 9 mile and Greater Mack location.
  • Great service! My first time there and Manager Lance was very polite.
  • It seems like the Monopoly game is every other month these days. Does anybody even care anymore?
  • John, not sure if hes a manager. But hes a really polite and friendly guy, who treats every customer as a close friend. Brings a family feel to the place.
  • Odoyle Rules
  • Calories, calories!

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