Row 1

2063 Experiment Station Rd
Watkinsville, GA 30677
(706) 769-9225

Foursquare Tips

  • Liz is the best employee.
  • Don't come here.
  • David's gay
  • Don't read these stupid tips. Everyone knows McD's is unhealthy but hella tasty.
  • I wouldn't recommend following a tip left by some fat chick doing the duck lips.
  • Only 9PPV. Yeah
  • You don't get fat until you eat ingest unhealthy food. It's not my fault if you want to eat grease. *hint, hint*
  • In the mornings the employees are friendly, the resteraunt is clean, and it's a pleasant experience. At nights people don't care how the lobby looks. Completely different experience.
  • this is how the joint looks when the place closes at night. it sucks.
  • the food is always fresh!
  • this place is always clean in the back!
  • cleaning up grease. gotta love min. wage jobs!
  • The majority of workers here are teenagers. They just care about getting their paycheck to buy gas for school and back. They could care less if you found a hair in your food or for the matter.
  • Advertise a 2 for $3 mcmuffin then charged me $2 MORE because I asked them to remove the meat. Seems to me that less ingredients should be CHEAPER! I order the same every day in Athens for $4.28.
  • Cockroach landed on my table. Not sure if it came from my sandwich. Never going back
  • weekday mornings this mcds is packed out
  • I do not recommend this McDondalds. They have slow service and a dirty restaurant. Go here if you like greasy food! Do NOT get the quarter pounder or the big Mac and make sure to get select chicken!!!
  • If you like greasy food come here!
  • Awesome dine-in service compared to other mcds
  • The eat-in and to-go tax you see on your receipt is just the GA 7% sales tax that McDonalds decided to give a name to.