Row 1

2595 Old Fort Pkwy
Murfreesboro, TN 37128
(615) 907-0661
Fast Food
Mon–Sun: 24 Hours

Foursquare Tips

  • Since when did fast food average around 10 min per car..?
  • Drive thru is horrible. One lane moving other just sitting. Seriously can not take 5 minutes per car to put an order in
  • New duel drive thru is awful! 20 cars in lines & now drive thru takes 20+ mins!!! Horrible!
  • Nothing but thugs!
  • They jacked up my order and then gave me very old and cold fries... This job can't be that hard, but the people that work here seem to struggle to do it.
  • This place has HORRIBLE fries & the chick in drive-thru must hate life, she's so rude
  • The drive thru chic is nasty mean and rude! Spilling sodas over the car! Idiot!
  • Try the Vanilla Iced Coffee with extra Vanilla!!!! YUM :-)
  • Some employees seem to hate their jobs
  • Worst mcdonalds in town. How to you mess up French fries? Really?!?!
  • When the employee asks if that completes your order, don't say yes and then get angry claiming that you weren't finished ordering.
  • We are under new management now! The GM is doing her job and making sure that every broken appliance is getting fixed!
  • French fries are the bomb.
  • Worst MD! I ordered a peppermint hot coco and my sister got a plain coffee. I ended up with a plain hot coco and she got a peppermint coffee. How fucking retarded?!
  • You could write a novel waiting in this line. Slow!
  • Be patient with the workers, especially the ones working overnight.
  • $1.99 Happy Meals on Tuesdays!!!
  • Never come to this McDonald's. the slowest one I have ever been too. I thought the one on Thompson was slow, but this took the cake and ice cream. Awful.
  • Avoid this place around lunch time, they are almost always packed.
  • Syd is right. They never have apple pie.