McDonald’s ‘Burger Showdown’ in Texas

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McDonald’s ‘Burger Showdown’ in Texas

McDonald’s is looking for the “the first official burger for the great state of Texas” in the latest of its regional promotions showcasing burger customization.

The “Burger Showdown” competition, organization by the chain’s Houston franchisee co-op invites diners (Texas only, please) to visit and create custom burger using up to 10 of the ingredients provided. Submissions will b posted on the website for voting (ending April 15). A winner chosen from among five finalists will receive $5,000, and the winning burger will be an LTO in Texas McDonald’s restaurants. “Come and Make It” is the marketing slogan. TV spots from co-op agency Moroch Partners support the promotion.


McDonald’s Chicago and Northwest Indiana co-op ran a similar promotion last fall called the Burger Build Off. Two finalists were offered as LTOs before the ChiTown Classic (Canadian and applewood-smoked bacon, pepper-Jack and Cheddar cheeses, red onion, tomato, mayo and a blend of baby spinach and kale) was the victor.


In France McDonald’s Orléans market is celebrating the openings of two state-of-the-art stores (below) with exclusive elements. One is a salad bar where salads are seasoned and mixed to order. Options are a Greek Salad with feta; New York Caesar with roasted or fried chicken; Manhattan with roast chicken, cranberries, potatoes and more; Tuscany with pasta, prosciutto, Grana Padano cheese and more; and a Cheese Salad with Emmental, feta and Grana Padano.


Additionally, these stores are offering two new “Signature by McDonald’s” burgers, extending the chain’s use of the “Signature” name for premium burgers. Both the Chicken BBQ Burger and Beef BBQ Burger are 100% French-breed Charolaise beef. Other Signature burgers a Spicy Ranch Burger and Blue Cheese Bacon Burger.


The McDonald’s Orléans website says these to restaurants have adopted a “Made For You” system—a name with echoes to McDonald’s U.S. in the 1998 when the chain rolled out a new kitchen layout—that it describes as a “revolutionary system” requiring “complete restructuring of the kitchen” but offers few details.

McDonald’s recently trademarked the name “Signature Crafted” as a new monniker for the downsized Create Your Taste customization platform that it is testing. Last November it introduced “Signature” burgers in the UK and earlier tested a Signature burger in the U.S. as part of a value meal it tested.


Umami Burger’s latest Artist Series collaboration is The Alton Burger, created with TV host Alton Brown and on the menu from March 14 through April 24. The burger is priced at $14, $1 of which will go to the Make-A-Wish charity.

Umami calls the burger “a tribute to a classic Southern breakfast.” It begins with a special beef patty made with Umami Burger’s signature beef blend mixed with bacon lardons.

That is topped with Cheddar cheese, miso-maple bacon, smashed cheesy tots, a fried egg, fried sage and house-made coffee ketchup.

“Alton Brown changed the way we, as a culture, think and talk about food,” Umami Founder Adam Fleischman said in a release announcing the burger. “Alton’s personality and unique point-of-view is reflected in every layer of The Alton Burger.”

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