McDonald’s and Burger King Apple Slices Recalled

Listeria concerns spark recall of chains' cut fruit

Sliced apples from McDonald's and Burger King have been recalled for possible listeria contamination.

Nearly 300,000 cases of sliced apples intended for places including McDonald’s and Burger King have been recalled as of Friday due to concerns of possible listeria contamination.

While the listeria ruckus is terrifying in the wake of last year’s outbreak, where infected cantaloupes were linked to 30 deaths, according to ABC News nobody has actually gotten sick yet. Businessweek reports that the recall is underway because listeria was found on equipment at the factory that produces the apple slices.

The apples came from a Missa Bay property of Ready Pac Foods Inc., which ships the sliced apple packets to restaurants including McDonald’s and Burger King, Wawa convenience stores, and grocery stores like Wegmans, ABC News said.

Packaged vegetables, salads, and sandwiches containing apples have been included in the recall.

The affected snacks are marked with "use by" dates from July 8 to Aug. 20, the company said.

While only apple slices heading to outlets in 36 states are said to be affected by the recall, McDonald’s said in a statement that the comapny had stopped serving the products from Missa Bay and removed them from circulation in "an abundance of caution."


(Photo Modified: Flickr/MichaelDorausch)