Máximo Gómez Domino Park

801 SW 15th Ave
Miami, FL 33135


  • Get in a few games with the viejitos.
  • Cruise around, take it all in. Domino park is were the national Cuban game; dominos is played by the elderly everyday here
  • Einmal durch Little Havana und am Domino Park Pause machen
  • A classic hangout
  • Nothing is happening here.
  • at the park, cuban exile central
  • We love coming here and watching the "viejitos" play at the little Havana food tour at www.miamiculinarytours.com
  • Take in some time sitting down at the park rather than just shooting few quick photos. Gentlemen there are all very friendly and photogenic as well.
  • Lugar agradable para Personas de la tercera edad, jugando Domin y fumando puros

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