Matterhorn Bobsleds

Theme Park
1313 Disneyland Dr (at Disneyland Park)
Anaheim, CA 92802
(714) 781-4565


  • "Remain seated please....cinnamon toast & tacos por favor...."
  • The Matterhorn Bobsleds attraction is the first tubular steel track roller coaster ever constructed. Enjoy your ride on a world-famous landmark!
  • Say hi to the yeti!
  • The new bobsleds make this feel like the scariest trip to the gynecologist trip imaginable. And I'm a guy!
  • Stay to the left side. It's a much better ride
  • Help a Cast Member out... Please know how many people are in your group and how you will be sitting before you get to the front of the line. It saves everyone time and a headache.
  • Look for the hidden Mickey in line! It's a tiny black Mickey in the red and white key crest in the fantasyland queue.
  • Ride it looking straight up. Dont look forward at all. A way better experience especially when u hit Dolly's Dip on the Tomorrowland side
  • Find the hidden basketball court inside the mountain.
  • Choose the left track it's faster and has more hills.
  • The Tomorrowland side is faster and more exciting, the Fantasyland side is calmer.
  • The Matterhorn line that wraps around the Tomorrowland side is usually shorter. Also the left track is a faster ride than the right.
  • if you see a cast member named Brett. tell him Steelers Suck.
  • An ABSOLUTE CLASSIC. Ride this roller coaster first, as the lines get long quick, and this one is EXCLUSIVE to Disneyland!
  • Ride it during the firework show, its amazing!
  • Yell "Cool Runnings" real loud
  • Really cool hidden mickey on the side of the mountain of Matterhorn. Better view of it at night.
  • 1st ever fatality (64') was when a teen stood up on and fell out.In 1984, a woman was thrown from the ride and hit by an oncoming bobsled. Both had seat belts unfastened.

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