Master Cutting-Edge Knife Techniques with Kimpton Chefs

Kimpton Chefs host a trio of culinary events

Kimpton Hotels & Resorts

Chefs from Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants are sharing their knife-mastering skills and recipes at Behind the Apron…Dishing with Kimpton Chefs, a series of nationwide events that provide tips on slicing, dicing, and knife-maintenance techniques and recipes to guests.

See How to Become a Pro with Your Chef's Knife

Guests can enjoy a three-course lunch of oysters with Champagne; shallot mignonette; watermelon gazpacho with basil and mint; and butterflied leg of lamb with zucchini and goat cheese risotto and get the recipe for watermelon gazpacho at Mastering the Cut at Bambara in Salt Lake City.on Sept. 29. The event includes a wine-tasting and executive chef Nathan Powers shares some classic knife techniques, such as butchering, brunoise, and chiffonade.

Executive Chef Walter Pisano demonstrates how various knives slice, dice and chop at To the Point at Tulio Ristorante in Seattle on Oct. 11. Pisano demonstrates how to cut bread for panzanella and fish for crudo and shares his recipes for panzanella salad and Hamachi French kiss melon.

Executive Chef John Critchley teaches how to properly de-bone a whole fish and gives tips on how to scalp, filet, and cut it at The Fresh Slice at Urbana in Washington D.C. on Oct. 20. Critchley also demonstrates how to make crudo, tartare and ceviche. Guests get to sample the demonstrated dishes with marinades that are paired with wine. Each guest receives marinade recipes, a fish scaler, and jars of sauces, including salsa verde and ceviche marinade.

For those who can't travel to these events, the Kimpton chefs have videos featuring their hidden knife secrets.