Martha Stewart's Funniest Tweets

Staff Writer
Buzzfeed rounds up the entertainer's hilarious online thoughts

Everyone knows Martha Stewart for her pinecone wreaths, ice cream cakes, and countless entertaining tips, but she has become a surprisingly avid tweeter as of late. Akin to any older adult that discovers the joys of social media, Stewart has used Twitter in ways that sometimes make the younger set laugh and sometimes make them cringe.

A recent BuzzFeed article rounded up some of the funniest tweets Stewart has posted to date. Probably one of the only people to tweet about crawfish étouffée, Stewart uses the social media website in her own special way. By posting pictures of her Chow Chow Genghis Khan and her cat Princess Peony and tweeting about the phrase "YOLO," Stewart never fails to entertain her followers on and off the television screen. She even posted a photo of herself after going on two dates found through — go Martha!

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Even though she may tweet in all caps at times and misuse hashtags, Stewart still manages to move her entertaining skills from the television realm to the Internet.