Martha Stewart: Women Pay on Valentine's Day

She tells this to a very surprised Seth Meyers

Martha Stewart

Aside from Emily Post, Martha Stewart may be the queen of etiquette, and here she is, telling Seth Meyers that a woman should always pay on Valentine's Day.

The transcript, courtesy of the LA Times:

Martha: The bill should never go to the guy.
Seth: No? What? Wait?
Martha: No. Not for Valentine's Day.
Seth: Wait, the woman is supposed to pay for Valentine's Day?
Martha: Absolutely!
Seth: I don't know a thing about Valentine's Day. [laughs]
Martha: No, you don't. [laughs]
Seth: This is great... [My girlfriend is] going to be so mad I came here.
Martha: No she's not!
Seth: Well, I'm going to say here's what I found out from Martha. ... You make the plans, but wait, there's more ... you pay for it! [laughs]

As for people spending a first Valentine's Day with a certain someone, Stewart says you should be staying in for the special night. "Never go out on your first Valentine's," she told Meyers. "You have to make it special at home."

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