Martha Stewart on How Restaurants Comp Her Meals Because 'Martha Comes In'

Who picked up the tab? 'Nobody'

Martha Stewart appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman to discuss her new book, Living the Good Long Life, as well as her experiences with online dating, which she claimed is part of her plan for "the good long life."

The entertaining maven discussed her some of her dates playfully with Letterman, who assured her that she didn’t need a man. According to Stewart, she had 30,000 emails from potential candidates on her preferred online dating platform,; she picked "around 12" from that pool.


She described a first date with one of these gentlemen — whom Letterman called "Larry" — and how they met at a "very nice [unnamed] restaurant" (though she later told Letterman that she has also been on dates at New York City favorite Rao’s). When Letterman asked who paid for dinner, Stewart laughed sheepishly before saying, "Nobody. Because Martha comes in… We left a tip. The tip was large."