MarketPlace IGA

Grocery Store, Supermarket
909 Burrard St. (at Smithe St.)
Vancouver, BC V6Z 2N2
(604) 605-0612


  • Why does anyone shop here? You can get most of the *exact* same products foe 40% less or more at No Frills on Denman.
  • Check the online flyer, sales can make it comparable to No Frills. And there's an elevator hidden to the left of the entrance, took me forever to notice it.
  • It's pretty much the worst market downtown but it's just so damn on my way home.
  • Don't miss the international section downstairs.
  • Whoever organized this place must have been on psychedelics at the time.
  • The best grocery in BC !
  • Cheap meat when it's on sale. That's about it.
  • Bad layout, always takes me forever to find what I'm looking for!
  • it's very expensive but some things are worth buying like the bread they do make it's actually good and cheap: only 1.49 (aprox.) also is convenient that's open until midnight.
  • Their products are quite pricey but it's very accessible plus they offer not just fresh produce but organic stuff as well.
  • If there's even a short queue, check out at the deli. Seriously.
  • The only friendly/helpful service u get is at the deli. Pretty bad customer service here.
  • There are extra cash registers by the Bistro! Just left of the Burrard St. entrance....
  • No Frills
  • Great salad, fruit, and soup bar!

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