Market by The Sea

5329 Old Post Rd
Charlestown, RI 02813
(401) 322-0232


  • Dear self: you and Caryn can each eat 1/2 lb fish apiece (swordfish and halibut were amazing), not 1 lb each. Also, a 3.5lb lobster was your limit (and so delicious).
  • New ownership this summer 2012 and she's doing a great job. Super friendly and a passionate cooker, all about the samples of her soups and seafood salads (and then you are hooked! So good)
  • Delicious seafood to buy and then cook back home! Huge lobsters, scallops, swordfish, homemade lobster bisque & chowder, homemade quahogs, cold snail salad to die for, steamers, little necks!