Mark Bittman's Beet and Chicken Tikka and More Recipes

In today's Weekly Recipe Review, coleslaw gets a makeover, plus a rose-infused fruit tart

Check out our editors' picks for this week's top food section recipes.

LA Times
A Californian falls in love with Chicago's Purple Pig, and calls for their fried pig ears recipe.

NY Times
Mark Bittman cooks with chef Abdul Jalil from London's Sitaaray, whipping up a beet-marinated chicken tikka.

SF Chronicle
Sure, quality sausages are a necessity for summer grilling, but the perfect condiments are just as important.

Coleslaw may be a classic, but sometimes it gets boring. This Greek tzatziki-style ruby-hued version may be just the kicker you need.

Chicago Tribune
Also another classic? Potato salad. Spice it up with mix-ins like a lemon vinaigrette and fresh spinach.

Seattle Times
Summer is not complete without messy, filling tacos. These coconut-lime chicken tacos sound perfect.

Kitchen Daily
Never go wrong with Southern comfort food. Shrimp and grits tonight?

Portland Press Herald
What to do with watermelon rinds, broccoli stems, and cheese rinds? Marmalade, kimchee, and soup, respectively.

Washington Post
Momofuku-worthy layer cakes are all the rage, and this lemon berry crunch cake is sure to get Christina Tosi's stamp of approval.

Wall Street Journal
Take advantage of summer produce with this green bean and pea panzanella recipe.

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