Mario Batali Exercises His Potty Mouth in Eric Ripert's 'On The Table'

He calls Marco Pierre White a 'heinous d*ckhead,' but he talks about his family, too

Somehow we feel like Eric Ripert's On the Table should just be titled "Good vs. Evil" à la his and Anthony Bourdain's joint tour. Mario Batali pops up on episode two, and Batali himself uses a couple of swear words, while Ripert just asks the nicest questions ever.

The two chefs make Two-Minute Calamari: Sicilian Lifeguard Style, and Batali talks about his time under "heinous d*ckhead" Marco Pierre White. After that famous risotto-throwing incident (White throwing risotto on Batali), Batali apparently bounced right back. "I may have shed a tear," he says in the video, "and then I took two big handfuls of salt and when over to the mothersauce and I stirred it in and I walked out."

The second most important question from Ripert? "What is the story of the short pants and the Crocs?"

"I don't think that my fashion or lack thereof was intentionally provocative," Batali replied. "What I realized as an owner of my own place I could do whatever I wanted... but you could wear whatever you want as long as it wasn't dangeorus... It's just about comfort and not about fashion. Now of course I'm a fashion icon... That was a joke." Whew!

Also, apparently Ripert hasn't seen as much of The Chew, but he did see Paula Deen on the show, which he called "controversial." Watch below, but careful for some NSFW language.