Marilyn Hagerty Is Not Going Anywhere

You can totally still buy those Marilyn shirts

Marilyn Hagerty

Sure, Olive Garden's favorite critic Marilyn Hagerty has been out of the news lately, but you can still buy her "viral" shirt and wear it proudly. The story continues, as the Grand Forks Herald reports that Hagerty is planning more TV appearances and a potential book deal.

First up, Anderson Cooper will film in Grand Forks next week to show Hagerty reviewing a restaurant. This will be followed by another New York visit and Marilyn Hagerty appearance on Cooper's show, which, if it is similar to the first, will be absolutely charming.

Hagerty is also reportedly in talks to write a book with publisher HarperCollins, a potential collaboration with foodie bad boy Anthony Bourdain. Bourdain tweeted, "Marilyn Hagerty's years of reviews to be a history of dining in the America too few of us from the coasts have seen. We need to see."