Marc Jacobs and Damien Hirst Partner Together For Children's Charity

Marc Jacobs and Damien Hirst Partner Together For Children's Charity

It’s the time of year where we’re busy thinking about what gifts to buy, what parties to attend, what to wear, how much turkey to make, and if you’ll even fit in the dress you selected after you’ve eaten said turkey. But this is also the time of year we should be thinking about others. While everyone gives back in their own way and to organizations they choose to be most deserving—from music education to saving white tigers—we can always, collectively, get behind a charity that gives to children. This season Marc Jacobs and artist Damien Hirst are partnering together to offer a Mickey Mouse tee that will benefit Kids Company.

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In 2009, after a personal invitation from Disney, Hirst created Mickey, an abstract painting on the famed mouse that was a reinterpretation through his iconic spot paintings. The original was sold earlier this year at Christie’s for a little over $1.5 million, with a portion of the proceeds being donated to Kids Company, an organization that supports inner-city children in the U.K. This Christmas Hirst and Jacobs are coming together to offer a limited-edition Mickey shirt to benefit the charity. Available in black and while in both adult and children’s sizes, it’s a way for the whole family to participate in philanthropy this season.

“When you are left alone on Christmas Day, the most painful shame takes over. No family or friend to turn to on a day when everyone is gathered together. It is for the children, young people and traumatized [caregivers] who are terrified of Christmas that we open on Christmas Day at Kids Company,” explains Camila Batmanghelidjh, CEO of Kids Company. “It’s a joyful, mad, ramshackle day enriched by the generosity of complete strangers. On the 25th of December we bring together those who have needs and those who can meet them in one big celebration.”

The Mickey shirts are available starting November 28 at Marc Jacobs and Other Criteria stores. Priced from $58-$98.