Marblehead Lighthouse State Park

Lighthouse, Historic Site
110 Lighthouse Dr
Marblehead, OH 43440
(419) 734-4424


  • Alone or otherwise, this is a fabulous place to pack a lunch, take a book, plop down a chair and just enjoy the peaceful calm of Lake Erie. And a tour of a lighthouse.
  • Lighthouses rule. If you don't like a lighthouse, you suck.
  • Great place to ask your love to marry you. ;)
  • Beautiful lighthouse!
  • Beautiful lighthouse and great rock formations on the shore from which you can sit and view the lake.
  • Opens at noon
  • Scenery of Lake!
  • The oldest continually operating lighthouse on the Great Lakes, Marblehead Lighthouse has lit up the night since the late 19th century.
  • Views of Cedar Point and Lake Erie islands from this gorgeous, 200-year-old lighthouse.
  • Beautiful location for a scenic view of the lake. Kelley Island and even Put in Bay can be seen in the distance, cedar point as well.
  • Great spot to sit down on the rocks and watch the boats in the distance.
  • Best place in Ohio. So relaxing.
  • One of my favorite places to be!
  • Beautiful. Love it here
  • It's smaller than I remember it as a kid :)
  • Beautiful view! So peaceful ;)
  • This is a nice place 2 go 2 & see a lighthouse....this place is FABULOUS !!!!!
  • Be ready for ladybug attack in November:)

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