Manneken Pis

Landmark, Outdoor Sculpture
Stoofstraat 46 Rue de l'Etuve (Eikstraat / Rue du Chêne)
Brussel, Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest 1000


  • see this small bronze statue of a child taking a piss
  • It's strange what can make a country famous Take some pictures with this funny and lovely little boy
  • "Oh my god, he's so small !" Everyone says that. But do you know that little boy is so symbolic of the free-minded spirit of the "Brusseleirs" ? But don't take a pee in the middle of Grand Place ^^
  • If you are drunk and it is late, you can climb the frence and take piss with the boy... :)
  • . 14 . 1770 .
  • A calendar with the Manneken-Pis dressings of each month is available at:
  • Mostly naked, sometimes dressed-up, always smaller than you think. This lump of leaky brass is maybe not the pride of Brussels, but the waffle vendors and pick-pockets love it.
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  • La garde-robe de Manneken-Pis est conserve au Muse de la Ville de Bruxelles - Maison du Roi (Grand-Place).
  • Il est plus petit que sur les photos!
  • Smaller than what you would expecT! It's nice but disappointing at the same time.
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  • In 1987 Manneken Pis received company in Brussels from "Jeanneke Pis": a little girl peeing. She's not far away so visit her as well: Impasse de la Fidlit (Fidelity Alley) close to Rue des Bouchers.
  • Definitely bring your camera for this one.
  • The statue is super small.
  • The Manneken Pis is smaller than you'd think! Avoid the chocolate shops nearby...try those a distance away for better prices
  • ) Impasse de la Fidlit 12. " ". )) )
  • Le muse de la ville de Bruxelles, a 200m de Manneken pis, heberge sa garde robe, de pls centaines de vetements. De nbses confreries et pays (urologues, bolivie, dentistes...) ont offert un costume.
  • This bronze statuette, created in the 17th century by J. Duquesnoy, embodies the irreverent spirit of Brussels. From being a public fountain, the little fellow has now become a legendary figure.
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