Angry Ex Pleads Guilty to Eating Girlfriend’s Pet Rabbit

A man was sentenced to prison for killing and eating his ex-girlfriend’s rabbit

A man pleaded guilty Friday to cooking and eating his ex-girlfriend's pet rabbit.

Rabbits are a delicacy in many places, but they are also often much-beloved pets. Normally those wires do not cross, but this weekend a man was sentenced to community service and counsling for killing and eating his ex-girlfriend’s pet rabbit.

According to NBC, Dimitri Diatchenko had been living with his ex-girlfriend after they broke up, but when she told him she thought he should move out, he did not take the news well. He waited until she left the house and then killed, skinned, cooked, and ate her pet rabbit. He pleaded guilty to animal cruelty in court on Friday, which was probably a foregone conclusion. Diatchenko could not really plead “not guilty,” because he photographed the entire process and sent the pictures to his ex by text message.


After Diatchenko pleaded guilty, he was sentenced to 60 days of community service and 45 days of counseling for animal cruelty.