Man Opens Bottle of Beer with Tractor

Not everyone has a tractor, but then again, not everyone has a bottle opener

Can you open a bottle of beer with a tractor? We didn't think so.

In the vein of strange beer bottle openers (iMac power adapters, high heels, computer mouses, and more are already our backups), here's a much bigger bottle opener to perhaps file away: a tractor.

You know, if you're ever sitting around with an ice-cold bottle of beer but no bottle opener, you can just rev up your trusty tractor and pop the top right off. Easy as that.

This video, which we stumbled across on guy blog Joe, shows just that: an Ireland boy puts his beer bottle down in a clamp of sorts, and gets the bottle cap off with some simple tractor skills. An easier way, of course, might just be using the sharp edge to knock it off, but this way shows off his tractor skills. Watch below, then check out 15 more unconventional ways to open a bottle of beer. Bottle openers, so passé.