Man Jailed Over Frozen Chicken Attack

Man sentenced to a year in prison for assault with a frozen chicken
Commons/Mindaugas Urbonas

A man was sentenced to a year in prison for assaulting his ex with a frozen chicken.

A Frenchman has been sentenced to spend the next year in prison after assaulting a woman with an improvised weapon snatched from her fridge during an argument.

According to The Local, a 35-year-old Frenchman was convicted of “poultry assault” when he attacked his ex with a frozen chicken. For his crime, he was sentenced to two years in prison with one year suspended after the court ruled that the frozen chicken counted as a weapon.

Police said the man was drunk when he arrived at his ex’s home, at which point they got into an argument. For reasons that are unclear to everybody, the inebriated man ran to the woman’s refrigerator to look for something to use as a weapon, at which point he settled upon a frozen chicken. He hit her with the bird and threatened to kill her, then he smashed up part of her apartment.

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Police said the woman’s injuries caused her to take 10 days off work, and it was not the first time the man was convicted of domestic assault.