Writer Behind Ruth Bourdain Twitter Revealed?

The New York Times reveals who ran the parody Twitter account for the last 3 years

Shocker; could Twitter handle @RuthBourdain be over? The New York Times reports that the Food Section blogger Josh Friedland has "come out" as the voice behind the parody Twitter account, which combined Ruth Reichl's poetic prose with Anthony Bourdain's sense of humor for brash, hilarious food tweets for the last three years.

According to The Times, a message from @RuthBourdain promised an "exclusive reveal," saying, "It’s going to be you or asylum in Venezuela."

The message turned out to be Josh Friedland, who had been running the Twitter account since conception, The Times reports. "I never thought the joke would go on so long," Friedland told The Times. "But the food world has become so ripe for satire in the time since I started it."

Past reports had suspected Friedland as the writer, as well as former Village Voice critic Robert Sietsema. Funnily enough, the Ruth Bourdain Twitter account is still continuing its game, tweeting first "WTF" with a link to The New York Times article, followed by a tweet to the Food Section, saying, "You? Really? I still think I'm Robert Sietsema."


So whether you choose to believe The New York Times and Friedland, or a cheeky Twitter account, is your choice. Friedland, in the meantime, has not said anything about whether he will continue with the joke, but Sietsema did say to The Times, "It's about time... there's nowhere to go with the joke." Burn.