Man Avoids Marijuana Charges With Improbable Cake Story

A lucky man avoided consequences when the judge believed he partook by accident

A Swedish man avoided narcotics charges by saying he must have eaten a marijuana cake by accident.

A 27-year-old Swedish man got extremely lucky this week when he was cleared of narcotics charges thanks to a brilliantly crafted excuse: He ate the marijuana by accident, because someone served it in a cake.

According to The Local, the man had been stopped and asked for a blood sample on his way back from a dinner party because police believed he was on drugs. The test confirmed that there were traces of THC, the active ingredient in cannabis, in the man's bloodstream, at which point the man said he must have accidentally eaten a slice of marijuana-laced "space cake" at the party.

Somehow, the court decided the man's story was completely believable and agreed that he must have been the unwitting victim of a marijuana-spiked party cake.
Internet commenters seemed amused that the man's story had been accepted by the court.

"It's that easy? Really?" one asked.

"LOL, this one takes the cake!!!!" another laughed.


All charges against the man were dropped, and he went about his way, presumably to be much more cautious about accepting cakes in the future.