Man Arrested for Drinking Beer While Driving Through Checkpoint

A Connecticut man is arrested after driving through a sobriety checkpoint while drinking a beer and on a suspended license

A man finds himself in hot water as he's arrested for driving on a suspended license while driving drunk through a sobriety checkpoint.

Everyone knows that it’s never safe to drink and drive, but a Connecticut man must not have got the message -- especially while at a sobriety checkpoint.

David Caruso, 51, of Vernon, Conn., tested the legal boundaries of drinking and driving, and was arrested July 23. He was charged for not only for driving under the influence, but also for drinking a beer while driving, reported the Vernon Patch.

Police were conducting the sobriety checks when they noticed Caruso driving with a beer in his hand. Police immediately pulled him over and ran his license. After a quick check, the police realized that Caruso was no stranger to drinking behind the wheel. His license was under suspension for a previous driving under the influence charge, reported the Vernon Patch.

Caruso was charged for numerous offenses, including drinking while driving, illegal operation of motor vehicle while under suspension, and operating an unregistered motor vehicle, reported Hartford Courant.

Caruso was released after posting $2,500 bail reported The Huffington Post.

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