Mall Of America West Parking Ramp

Row 1

8100 24th Avenue South
Bloomington, MN 55425

Foursquare Tips

  • mall employees need a special ramp so we don't have to fight tourists
  • Ramps often have parking. So does floor 5 if it's busy.
  • Park on the Alaska Level. You can see Russia from your parking stall!
  • Don't forget where ur car is. Take a picture or something.
  • Just the tip!
  • The new lights in the parking ramp are helpful
  • Park on Arizona!
  • Best parking spot
  • Everyone who parks at MoA is an idiot.
  • This is a good place to leave your chariot since the MOA is pedestrian travel only.
  • P4 Enter through Macy's aka the Ninja Route
  • Best place to park and get in and out of the mall quick. There's usually parking in the SW corner.
  • Go work somewhere else if your complaining about parking! There are many other malls nearby with less tourist....
  • Mark where u park
  • If you park on the 7th floor, there are NO exit signs
  • But, there are few "Mall" employees as compared to people working at businesses in the mall
  • Don't come when it's busy. Not worth it
  • Tahirys first moa trip lol uh oh