How Mr. Chocolate Makes His Chocolates

A behind-the-scenes tour at Jacques Torres' Manhattan chocolate factory.

Hudson Street

What would Valentine’s Day be without chocolate?

Long associated with passion, chocolate has been thought to be a potent source of vitality, energy, and power since the days of the Aztecs, who often consumed it as a spicy drink to fortify the body before revelry-filled nights. While the chocolate consumed today is not served as it was back then, the much-sweeter confections we reach for on a daily basis are just as irresistible.

To learn more about how some of our favorite Valentine's Day treats — like chocolate bars and chocolate-covered almonds — are made, we turned to New York City’s own Mr. Chocolate, Jacques Torres. One of the top pastry chefs in the world, and the youngest chef ever to earn the prestigious Meilleur Ouvrier de France distinction, Jacques is now owner and Master Chocolatier at his own New York-based chocolate factory, Jacques Torres Chocolate.

While Jacques was busy getting ready to open his latest shop in Rockefeller Center, we met with his right-hand man, Christophe Toury, who oversees the production of the molded, dipped, and rolled chocolates in the Hudson Street store. With Valentine’s Day a mere two weeks away, the factory was busy turning out chocolate confections of all kind — yet, we were lucky enough to get a behind-the-scenes tour to see how some of our favorite chocolates are made.

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