Making the Cosmo Cool Again

Bartender Simon Ford shows how to make 'one of the greatest pink cocktails of all time'

You could argue that the oversaturation of cosmos during the Sex and the City era left the irrefutably "girly" cocktail with a bit of a sullied reputation. It was the drink that that kind of girl ordered at that kind of bar, and somewhere along the line it became a caricature of itself. These days, it would seem that the "hot" girl at the bar is more likely to be found sipping a whiskey, neat, than nursing some sweet, pink concoction in a martini glass.

Still, that is not to say that the iconic cosmo is not deserving of it's due respect and recognition. As renowned bartender Simon Ford explains in a new video for, "It's probably one of first drinks in the last 20 years to have made it right around the world, that any bartender will know." Admittedly, that's a remarkably impressive feat.

Also impressive is how good Ford's rendition looks in the demo (this, from a dedicated dark spirits drinker). Check out the video below to learn how to make what he calls, "one of the great pink cocktails of our time."