Make the Ultimate French Toast

Learn the secrets to making the best French toast at home
Make the Ultimate French Toast

Go beyond berries and get creative with your French toast.

French toast, bread that is soaked in egg and then fried in a pan, is the ultimate weekend breakfast indulgence. If you’re going out on weekend mornings and ordering French toast, consider making it at home — not only can you save money and stay in your pajamas longer, but there are a ton of great ways to customize the bread, the batter, and the toppings for your French toast.

Thick-cut bread is great for French toast. While soft white bread is usually available in thick slices from the grocery store, you can also hand slice other types of bread. If your bakery makes a ciabatta that you love, try making French toast with it. If you have a loaf of homemade cinnamon-raisin bread, slice it thicker than usual and give it a try.

The egg batter that the bread is dipped into can be upgraded as well. For sweet French toast, add cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla. For savory French toast try adding some smoky cumin or a pinch of cayenne. Then, once your French toast is grilled, you can top it with everything from grilled fruit and crème fraîche to thick-cut bacon, jalapeño salsa, and a poached egg.

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