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Make The Shft

If you visit the WIRED pop-up store at 692 Broadway in New York (open until Dec. 26), the Bottlenotes iPhone app is among the many cool gadgets and devices you can play with and purchase. At $2, it's a little more accessible than many of the other products in the store (such as the Uno, a one-wheel electric motorcycle that's $25,000), but overall the WIRED store is full of excitement.

That was especially the case on Friday night: We attended a special event at the store that featured several products by sustainability-themed site, a project by Entourage star Adrian Grenier and film producer Peter Glatzer.

Before Grenier's band The Honey Brothers took the stage, we chatted with him and Glatzer about sustainability as they sipped some organic Domaine Carneros Brut Cuvee 2006. Sustainability, they explained, is a mindset of enjoying life--but doing that by using innovative ideas and products, such as recycled windshield wine glasses and whisky shave soap. Being green, they feel, is just an empty trend.

"Everybody wants to be green and do the right thing," Grenier said, "until night falls--then they go out and do all sorts of naughty things."

He and Glatzer went on to explain that the difference between "green" and "sustainable" is that the latter is a lifestyle decision--not just an a la carte set of choices. It works the same with wine; learn about the differences between sustainable, organic and biodynamic wines here.

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