Make the Most of Summer with Bike-In Theater

Sure, you've heard of drive-ins, but how about a bike-in?

The view at Bike-In-Theater

What better way to celebrate the beautiful summer weather than by biking to a secret location and enjoying an outdoor movie complete with gourmet snacks? Bet you can't think of anything. Last year, Bike-in-Theater teamed up with Brooklyn-based food blog Forking Tasty to offer New Yorkers this incredible experience, and this year they’re hoping to expand to San Francisco.

Since the event is free to attend, Bike-In-Theater is hosting a Kickstarter campaign to raise money — their goal is $24,000, which will go toward paying for permits, security, movie rights, generators, speakers, food, space rental, etc.

Last year's attendees got to chow down on five kinds of popcorn, crafted in the Forking Tasty kitchen, and this year they plan to offer a more extensive variety of snacks as well as foods from select vendors in New York City and San Francisco.

The plan is for the first movie event to happen sometime in August in New York City and the second in September in San Francisco, once Bike-In-Theater reaches its fundraising goals. A week prior to each event, details about the location, timing, specific menus, and the movie will be emailed out to anyone that registered for their online mailing list.

Stay tuned for updates on the campaign and further details about the Bike-In-Theater events.