Make Holiday Shopping Easier With A New RoviMoss Handbag


Since we’re in the midst of the biggest shopping (for others) season, it’s almost a little hard to grab something for yourself. Don’t you feel just a tiny bit guilty grabbing a pair of sparkly heels when you know you have yet to purchase gifts for your great Uncle Billy and half your friends? It can’t be just us. But think about it—you’re running around with all those shopping bags and the kids—wouldn’t a small hands-free, crossbody bag make sense? And if it happens to be stylish and perfect all year long—totally justifiable. The two-tone First Class Mini Square by RoviMoss is compact, but holds literally everything. With two main sections you can fit your phone, wallet, camera, lipstick and Christmas shopping list. There’s a wide selection of colors, both simple and metallic for the holidays. It’s made of sturdy leather, but it’s lightweight and wont weight you down—which is more than we can say for those shopping bags.