Make a Beeline for Breadline


The Breadline’s name is very accurate—every day around noon, there is a line of hungry lunchers who come to pay homage to what many people call the best sandwiches in DC. Al fresco dining is available, as well as indoor seating, although it can get pretty crazy during midday. Travel past the salad/sandwich line, and there are a few steps that lead to a slightly elevated small area, where you can feel smugly removed from the rushing people around the corner.

The Breadline has daily specials, meaning every Wednesday there is a quesadilla with black beans, guacamole, and cheddar cheese, or a spicy West African chicken sandwich with caramelized onions and fried plantains. Apart from these fancy options, there is egg and tuna salad, grilled chicken breast, and salami and cheese on a baguette. A turkey sandwich here is fresh roasted daily, and you get your choice of dressings. Empanadas with ground beef or plantain are available, as well as salads with mix and match toppings such as taboulleh or curry chicken. Whether or not you opt for the lamb piadine with spicy harissa sauce or the simple grilled cheese, the sandwiches here are of the highest quality, and will satisfy even the most picky sandwich eaters.