The magnificent chicken sandwich

The magnificent chicken sandwich


For those who have never bought a chicken sandwich at the famous Chick-Fil - A restaurant, you have been missing out on an amazing food experience. Immediately, when patrons stop by this establishment, the full menu that offers an array of side dishes, entrée’s and green salads may distract them. However, the popular menu item to view and peruse over is the original chicken sandwich. Made with fresh, pressed, seasoned chicken, with  topping of sliced pickles, homemade BBQ sauce and buttery buns; this is one and only chicken meal for champions.


This sandwich has been enjoyed by many and craved by thousands. Families and friends can stop in for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but will be walking out  stuffed, content and thrilled to come back for a second visit.  Also, the service here is warm, friendly and helpful. Which makes this storefront a great lunch spot for co-workers, and the whole family. To accompany the glorious chicken sandwich, patrons can select from an assortment of sides. However, the best side to try is the waffle fries. This one addition makes for a perfect pairing.  the waffle fries are made fresh, crispy and delicious.


The downside, you can’t go just anywhere to indulge in a batch of waffles fries. But luckily, CHICK-Fil-A has become the ultimate one-stop dining establishment for purchasing a tray of satisfying comfort food.


The next time you are in the south or driving through Maryland, make sure to visit the Chick-Fil-A restaurant. The food will leave you speechless and truly delighted. 

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