Mack's Pizza

3218 Boardwalk (at Wildwood Ave)
Wildwood, NJ 08260
(609) 522-6166



  • The BEST pizza on the Wildwood Boardwalk, maybe even in all of New Jersey. Perfect ratio of sauce to cheese and they are always made fresh unlike other places that sit in the window for hours!
  • The best pizza ever
  • Best Pizza ever , I would never get any other pizza in Wildwood !!!!
  • Eat a lot! Its so good.and see "mom" she runs the show!
  • Good price
  • If you get pizza anywhere else your missing out! This is the best pizza in Wildwood and perhaps the whole South Jersey shore!
  • The Best pizza EVERRRR!!!!!!
  • The server was rude and rushed us, and the pizza was so greasy! Sam's all the way!
  • Pizza kicks dick!!!
  • Best pizza on the boards no contest
  • I've been getting pizza from here my entire life. You won't find better pizza at the shore. They do only pizza but they do it exactly right. Get a whole pie so its fresh but slices are always good too
  • The pizza is retarded good. And compliment it with the only drink they sell there which is Pennsylvania Dutch Birch Beer.
  • Best pizza on the boardwalk
  • Great pizza!!
  • White with broccoli is my go to. Get a birch beer!
  • It's been around forever
  • Veggie pizza is very good
  • Pizza! White pizza was amazing
  • You should ask for a table upstairs. It's more cozy.
  • This is the best pizza in Wildwood. Don't listen to anyone who tells you to go to Sam's

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