MacArthur Park

Park, Performing Arts
2230 W 6th St (at S Park View St)
Los Angeles, CA 90057
(213) 368-0520


  • For your fake passport, ID or documentation needs.
  • Degenerates.? It's a fucking Huge city. Don't like it, move to the burbs It's an old historical Landmark That is greatly rich in diversity. It is a place for all residents Los Angeles to enjoy-ALL!
  • Along historic Wilshire Blvd, this huge green space has mature trees and a number of public sculpture. I dig it.
  • Fantastic place to feed ducks.
  • Watch out for chicken bones and pigeon poo
  • get a bag of almonds at 9 cent only stores and bend down... squirrels will come and eat one with their little paws on your hand
  • Don't leave your cake out in the rain!
  • There is a large Bandshell that holds frequent events. I particularly enjoyed Nosaj Thing and the Allah La's there. Several quiet spots to read, people watch or take in the downtown skyline.
  • Look for the Canadian geese in May!
  • Keep your child close...and your dog closer :0)
  • Best place to scare your children with La Llorona! As a child mother took me here and walked me around the park telling me Llorona stories - I forever became afraid!
  • Parking next to Mexican Consulate for $12.
  • It's actually a very nice park, with the deep calm blue water in the lake and you can see the skyscraper from an angle...which just makes it more beautiful... :)
  • This place is always gross, smells n trash every where.
  • Lock your car and don't let go of your kids or wallets/purses
  • People often say this park and area is unsafe, but I enjoy running through it in the morning.
  • You need muchos checks huevos to be here and lots off drugs need it to
  • This place is where the angel of heaven protect in the morning and when the dark over powers is when the devil come out and play!!
  • Quietness and scenery
  • Great park, don't recommend being here too late at night though

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