Mac Power Adapter Works as Beer Bottle Opener

A creative way to open your beer bottle when you're in a bind

Are you versed in the many ways of opening a bottle of beer when an opener is nowhere to be found? There’s the lighter method (relatively obsolete as smoking becomes more and more passé), the belt buckle option, or even the table-edge trick (not even worth trying unless you’ve really got it down).

Now, thanks to graphic designer Eva Giselle, we have another tool to repurpose: the power adapter for a Mac or iPad. Yes, it turns out that the L-shaped white block is perfectly sized to pop the top on your next cold one. Since Giselle tweeted about the finding, her discovery has been covered on numerous tech blogs and is quickly spreading.

If they’re looking to diversify to new price points, perhaps Apple should consider marketing this as a new product. A worldwide audience of beer drinkers awaits. 

— Danya Henninger, The Drink Nation


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