Lydia Lunch on 'The Need to Feed'

The musician discusses her new cookbook
Lydia Lunch on The Need to Feed

The musician discusses her newest project, a cookbook

Lydia Lunch

Lydia Lunch is known as many things  singer, actress, poet  but her latest work brings her passion for cooking to the forefront. Lunch has released a cookbook entitled The Need to Feed, and those familiar with Lunch’s work will not be surprised by its humor and irreverence.

Lunch says she has been cooking for a long time, and even her name came from an early reputation for helping out on the food front: "My name is Lunch — I got the name Lunch before I had a band from hanging around with bands in New York. We were starving. I stole food, I gave it to them, they named me Lunch. Then I started performing, and we were poor  I was feeding my friends because we had to eat," she says.

Lunch believes this can be a book for anyone who wants to have a sense of humor about cooking. "It’s sassy, saucy, it’s funny, it’s sexy. And I think it’ll give you a giggle. It’s meant for the bedroom, the bathroom and the kitchen  whatever suits your preferences," she says. It also contains healthy recipes: "I tour a lot, I’m on the road, and eating out is great but eating at home when you’re on the road, you have to take care of yourself."


For more about the book, watch the video above!