Lunch Box

7302 1/2 15th Ave NW
Seattle, WA 98117
(206) 706-3092


  • Gourmet and custom burgers in a hole in the wall setting.
  • Make sure you get here at least an hour before closing time. Hours may say 8pm, but they close when they run out of things. Voice of experience.
  • Sure, you could get the normal grassfed-beef, organic-bun sandwich. But half the fun at this joint is invention (the other half is eating it). Try the "dork" burger (duck+pork) for an eclectic lunch.
  • Get the Boston Cream Milkshake. Heavenly.
  • The best $17 burger, fries and coke you'll ever have.
  • Ride your bike here. Seriously, work up an appetite, then reward yourself with any one of their burgers (I loved the Homage to Dick's Deluxe but the veggie/vegan options are good too) and a Nutella S
  • Don't forget to get your two free sauces. The jalapeo ranch is tasty as is the ghostland BBQ.
  • Nothing beats a lamb burger n goat cheese. Nothing!
  • Go to the Laboratory and get the Dork burger. One word, delish.
  • "Burger of the Gods" combines sweet, balsamic-soaked onions and tangy Gorgonzola cream sauce with a freshly ground mix of grass-fed sirloin, rib eye, and prime ribserved on an organic kaiser bun.
  • The best burgers in Seattle. Make sure you try their fries with different seasonings.
  • Wham bam's smoked cheddar doesn't get gooey hot like the rest of the burgers.
  • The burgers are HUGE. They're generous with the toppings so either come with a bottomless pit for a stomach or be ready to split the burger so that you have room for fries and the amazing Oreo shake.
  • Nutella shake is not truly Nutella, rather hazelnut flavoring. You'll be disappointed :(
  • Go here to have the best heart-attack in a bun EVER!
  • Go here and be sure to get the sweet potato fries w/ chipotle mayo dipping sauce. wash it down with a key lime pie milkshake
  • Order a burger and figure out if it beats out Skillet's burger for best burger in the city.