Lummus Park Beach

Ocean Dr.& 14th Pl.
Miami Beach, FL 33139


  • Great ocean breeze here - try the Sobe food tour for the best cuisine in Miami beach!
  • Sit and watch people walk bye! Approved by the folks that conduct culinary tours in Sobe at
  • Amazing clean beach
  • Beach, walking, people
  • Great for strolls, reading and slowly burning to a crisp.
  • Parque agradable para caminar en familia y paralela la extensa playa, gente agradable en el largo del parque
  • People watching
  • El sonar de los pjaros el verde del csped Dios que hermoso
  • The historic Art Deco lifeguard stations are super cool.
  • Come either early in the Morning at catch the Parrots feeding in the lawns almost becoming one with the green of their plumage. .. or enjoy the sunset for the colors and people watch...
  • Cruise ships departing Saturday and Sunday as the sun sets.
  • If the beach is too windy...lay in the grass.
  • Ocean Drive
  • South beach food tours walk here!
  • Sit down on the benches and watch people go bye -
  • Do you know how precious is where you are right now?
  • Plaja paralel ok keyifli bir plaj yolu, ister Yuru, ister bisiklete bin, scooter, vb vb

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