Lucie Monroe's

Coffee Shop, Café
1600 Roanoke St
Christiansburg, VA 24073
(540) 381-0909


  • The chicken salad is delicious! Especially on a non-toasted spinach wrap! Also try the no bread pizza!! Great for gluten-intolerants!
  • Great specialty espresso drinks!
  • Coffee ,sausage apple bites , zero carb pizza
  • Coffee,pizza,and wraps are all great ...Sausage and Apple Bites!
  • Ask about their cool new reward program using Cardagin!
  • They've eliminated the French press, but Lucie's blend on drip is great!
  • Great coffee, though the service can be a tad slow. Grab a comfy chair and enjoy the ambiance.
  • Amazing mango smoothies and fantastic veggie fries.
  • try the raspeberry howler (weigh station style) just another reason the weigh station is an incredible blessing.
  • I had the Ethiopian Harar coffee with sugar-free hazelnut syrup and their Mini Spinach Cottage Cheese and it was delicious! Kind of like a crust-less quiche.
  • Not a tip, if I'm correct, but didn't Lucie Monroe's close last year?
  • Garlic in the omelets without being told was very UNEXPECTED HORRIBLE
  • Any of the brews are worth a try.
  • Sausage apple bites. Love these!!! Great coffee
  • Chicken salad is super
  • Check out the Ethiopian Harrar when it's on French Press. LOVE.
  • Check out the Ethiopian Sidamo or, if your into tea, the tangerine ginger botanical. Both are amazing in their own rights.
  • Beat the heat with Lucie Monroe's iced coffee!
  • If you want some of the best coffee, go with a single cup brew method. However if you are more of a espresso fan check out their 92 rated Organic Espresso, so many fruit notes.
  • Want the wifi password? "Ilovecoffee", with no quotation marks.