Lucasfilm Signs On For Lightsaber Pocky

Glico, the Japanese snack-maker behind Pocky candy sticks, among other treats, has teamed up with Lucasfilm to create the most obvious of Star Wars-theme snack foods: Lightsaber Pocky.

Candy-coated Pocky sticks already look a fair amount like mini lightsabers, and now they come in the right colors. According to Laughing Squid, the Lightsaber Pocky will be giant-sized, 8-inch-long Pocky sticks in three colors and flavors to match up with the Star Wars characters' lightsabers. The green tea flavor is green like Yoda's, the grape flavor is Luke's, and strawberry is Darth Vader's.

In addition to the lightsaber Pocky, the licensing deal also includes a line of seasoned rice and curry packets, like Darth Vader's beef donburi and Yoda's vegetables over rice. There's also a "Dark Side-style" dish of rice that's been blackened with squid ink, which is pretty ingenious. 

The special Star Wars Pocky is being sold in Japan, but there are already sellers on eBay offering to send the Giant Pocky Lightsabers to buyers in the U.S. for just $11.49, including international shipping.