LSU - Mike's Habitat

Exhibit, Education
Mike The Tiger
Baton Rouge, LA 70803


  • Mike VI is active in the mornings.
  • Come to Mike's habitat to watch him swim. He loves the water.
  • The best time to see an active Mike is early in the morning. He usually swims or plays with his toys. He's far more rambunctious and jovial before the sun hits.
  • Can't wait to see Mike make his rounds in the stadium.
  • No trip to Baton Rouge is complete without a visit to see LSU's live mascot! He's more active early in the morning on late afternoon & early evening. 8am is a great time to catch his morning swim!
  • Mike is most active in the mornings. He is typically just lounging around and napping in the afternoons.
  • A bit too warm for Mike today, he was sleeping in the shade
  • Mike is "The Man"!
  • Great exhibit for Mike on the LSU Campus.
  • RIP Mike The Tiger
  • Very cool place he has here.
  • To hit for Mike.
  • Check out LSU's mascot, Mike. The best time to see him is in the morning. But big cats don't like screaming kids. I saw him pee on a little girl that was screaming at the top of her lungs.
  • Probably my favorite part of campus is getting to see Mike! If you haven't "met" him yet I highly recommend you go do so!
  • One million dollar facility just to be in the dirty corner! Really beautiful place for a lazy tiger.
  • Very active early mornings when it's cool. He's sleeping way in the corner now a lot more since its been warming up.
  • Mike likes to be talked to sweetly- a real charmer!
  • Go after 4:30; pay at meters.
  • Mike is also active in the evenings!!!
  • Visit Mike the Tiger!!! He's so lively!! :D

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