Love's Travel Stop

Truck Stop, Gas Station, Convenience Store
800 Martin Luther King Dr (on I-40, Exit 280)
West Memphis, AR 72301
(870) 732-1272


  • Disgusting!! Bathrooms are horrible, store is dirty and gross. Even has the girls in the lot...
  • Nice employees, clean restrooms, big ups for keeping coffee service area clean too!
  • Decided to walk across street to Petro for a shower. Girl was rude telling us "hope you don't need a shower" as she handed us a number. 4th in line. Act like we were making her to get off her lazy ass
  • What else can be said... watch the whores as the get a workout walking from truck to truck. Be careful cause the bear are usually right behind half of the fakes.
  • Clean restrooms. Well lit. The tips here had me looking over my shoulder constantly, but I found it to be safe, clean and the staff friendly.
  • This place isn't that bad...but you may want to turn the CB off, I'll just say...its non-stop!
  • Scary lot, never been approached/bothered in my truck by so many people at any other stops. Even across the street is better. Keep your doors locked lol
  • Not a great place to stop...frightening.
  • Eh not nearly as bad as it used to be
  • Not a great stopping spot..
  • It's a habit! I love Love's!
  • Large pot hole in the truck parking area. Some trucker dumped dirt and sand at the back of the lot.
  • Good fuel prices
  • Pretty convenient and clean.
  • Double check your prices. The small sign by the car entrance & pumps is 4 cents cheaper than the pump price and large sign by the taco bell. The lower price Matches petros cheaper price
  • Perhaps is this busy only holidays but it's the busiest Love's I've ever been to.
  • Showers are horrible.
  • Nothing is really good here. Showers are nasty and small. If you dont have to stop Id keep going.
  • The showers that's about it

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